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Schedule of Fees


New Hampshire                    $650.00 (refinance)           $695.00 (purchase)
Includes: processing; doc prep; overnight costs; title search; doc signing and registry copies.  Recording fees additional (See below).

Maine                                     $650.00 (refinance)         $695.00 (purchase)
Includes: processing; doc prep; overnight costs; title search; and registry copies.  Recording fees additional. (See below).

Massachusetts                       $750.00 (refinance)       $850.00 (purchase)
Includes:  processing; doc prep; overnight; title review; title update; registry copies.  Additional fee to obtain MLC (when required).  Recording fees additional. (See below). 

CASH CLOSING                 $350.00 Settlement Fee
$150 attorney title review
(waived on transactions of more than $100,000)

Additional $250 administrative fee on all bank owned and short sale transactions.   


$150 Deed Preparation ($50 fee for attorney deed review on deeds not prepared by an attorney)
$35 wire/courier fee
Seller mail away transactions include an additional fee of $50 for overnight and administrative fees.
Other fees may apply.  Contact the office directly to inquire.

NH transfer tax – $15.00 per thousand based on contract sale price (typically split between buyers and sellers unless otherwise stated in contract). 


New Hampshire: $160 deed + mortgage (estimated).  For an exact schedule of recording fees, please visit  Note that there is an additional charge of $25.00 for the LCHIP to record any deed, mortgage, discharge or plan



Mortgage $175.00; Deed $125.00; MLC $65.00; Discharge $75.00


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Title?
In real estate, title is an ownership right to property. It is the owner’s right to use, occupy, and possess the property.

What is a Title Search
A title search is a detailed review of public records concerning a property. The records include deeds, trusts, wills, mortgages, liens, declarations, restrictive covenants, and other documents. A title search includes examination of records at the registry of deed in order to verify a sellers right to transfer ownership of property.

What is Title Insurance and why do I need it?
Title Insurance protects owners from past events that can adversely affect their ownership interest in the property.

What type of issues can a Title Search reveal?
A title search can reveal little defects such as undischarged mortgages, faulty deeds, tax liens, court judgments against sellers resulting in attachments on the property, encumbrances, restrictions limiting land use, and more.

What types of issues would not be revealed by a title search but would be covered by Title Insurance?
There are hidden title dangers that even the most thorough title search would not reveal, but could still have an adverse effect on the ownership of your home. Here are just a few:

  • Lien for payment of contractors and material suppliers for unpaid improvements to property that may attach without being recorded
  • Improper or incorrect statement of marital status by previous owner resulting in claim by legal spouse
  • Deed by a manager of a corporation without authorization to convey
  • Forged or fraudulently executed title documents, like deeds, mortgages, partial releases and discharges
  • Failure of a seller to obtain zoning permits for renovations to the property

Why You Need Owner’s Title Insurance

Forgery Fraud in the execution of documents Undue influence on a grantor of a deed False impersonation by someone purporting to be the owner of the property Error in surveys Undisclosed or missing heirs Wills no property probated Misinterpretation of wills and trusts... read more

What is Title Insurance

Insurance contract that protects the owner against losses due to defects in their title ownership to their real estate; Covers title defects as shown in the table below, such as missing signature by a prior owner or heir or more common problems such as missing proof... read more

The Title Search Process

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The Real Estate Transaction from A to Z

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Types of Title Insurance Policies

Lender’s Policy If you’ve ever mortgaged a home, chances are you were required to purchase a title insurance policy. This lender’s policy (often called a loan policy) is required by most lending institutions as a way to insure their security interest... read more