Connecting With the Client!
Our personable staff and accessible attorneys are dedicated to serving you throughout the states of NH, Maine and Massachusetts, from explaining in plain terms the fine print of the purchase & sales agreement to assuring clear title to guiding the hopeful buyer through the mesmerizing “passing of papers”.

  • Conducting the Title Exam
    Upon receipt of an order from buyer or their lender, we search the title of the owner at the county registry of deeds, obtaining a copy of the deed and all outstanding mortgages, liens and restrictions of public record
  • Obtaining Payoff & Tax Information
    As follow up to the title review, we obtain accurate payoff information essential for the final closing paperwork, including payoff statements of seller’s mortgages, liens, town taxes, water and sewer bills and condominium or homeowner association dues.
  • Coordinating The Closing
    After title review and obtaining all payoffs, we are ready to close. Where buyer has a lender, once they have forwarded the loan documents, we can prepare the final closing paperwork, including the Closing Disclosure Settlement Statement which provides a breakdown of the dollars and cents to be charged or credited to both seller and buyer. If Buyer is purchasing with their own cash proceeds, we can arrange for the closing within a week of the initial order. We promise a happy and final closing that is conducted by an experienced, informative closer at a time and place agreeable to all the parties.
  • Our Duties After The Deal Closes
    We make sure all appropriate payments are made and all closing documents are properly recorded and filed. We forward the original deed and title policy to the owner and lender as soon as possible. Our mission is to earn your confidence & loyalty so that we can serve your future legal needs or next real estate transaction.